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Pres. Charlene
(270) 556-0625


THE PADUCAH SINGLES CONNECTION is a support group for all single adults, which emphasizes positive fellowship & social interaction based on the Christian lifestyle.

We neither encourage nor discourage dating among members. Our goal is to encourage with love and support, those adjusting to the single lifestyle in a way that enhances self-esteem, tolerance and understanding. We seek to open new doors to personal growth and acceptance as individuals. We believe this is better done together because no one deserves to be single alone.

There is no membership fee and our group is non-denominational.

Alcohol and drugs or anyone under the influence of these will not be permitted to any activity announced in the monthly calendar or events.

Meetings are each Tuesday at 7:00 pm at Grace Episcopal Church at 9th and Broadway. Parking and entry is through the double doors on the Kentucky Avenue.
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